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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

February 21, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Book Orders Due by 5:00 pm today (Friday)
  • March 13- Chicks Hatch
  • March 22- Auction

Words We Learned

  • eggs
  • incubator
  • 100

Heart Words

  • that
  • them
  • they

Next Week

  • have
  • where

H Brothers

This week, we learned what letter make the “th, sh, wh, ph, and ch” sounds!  We are so happy we finally know what letters to write when stretching out words! We met 5 brothers (Theo, Shane, Whit, Phil, and Charlie) and they will help us remember what the sound says!  We practiced with sorts and finding h-brothers in books.  When you come across a th/sh/wh/ph/ch sound and your child has difficulty stretching it out, remind them that maybe there’s an H-Brother!  This should jog their memory and help them sound it out.

100 Days Smarter

We had so much fun gearing up for the 100th day this week! We had tons of 100th day activities throughout the week- from reading books, to creating art projects, math work with $100 bills, 100 toppings on pizza, stacking 100 cups, a snack with 100 pieces, and finding 100 Hershey kisses hidden around the room and placing them on a big 100s Chart! Check out our 100th Day collections in the hallway outside 101/102 and the 100 reasons we love Kindergarten bulletin board!  You will also see our 100 year old self portraits in our classrooms!


Fertile eggs arrived Thursday and are cozy warm in our incubators!  They have caused quite a lot of excitement among the Curious Kinders!  We’re excited to see how our eggs change and develop over the next 21 days!  We learned how to handle the eggs safely, how the incubator works, and how eggs develop and change from eggs to chicks to chickens.  Every kindergartner has their “own” egg to turn 3 times daily and everyone has a day that they are in charge of turning all the fertile eggs.  Scientists also researched the life cycle of a chicken and have started to record our chicks’ development in a Chick Journal.  Ask your kinder scientist about the development of the chicks and what happens inside the eggs each day!

Mid Year Kindergarten Parent Survey

Thank you so much to those of you who have turned in your surveys and gave us feedback on the year thus far. It will really help us to hear your feedback so we can better ourselves as educators. If you have not turned the survey back in, please do so at your earliest convenience!

Wet Weather

Many 5 year olds love to play in puddles 🙂 It’s natural for children to want to explore and play in the water. On wet days, we ask that only students who are in boots and dressed appropriately play in the slush or puddles. We find that many students get sopping wet and then want to change their clothes when they come in. Students go directly from their first recess to lunch and their 2nd recess to P.E. Students take so long to change that they miss out on lunch or P.E. We will remind students before recess each day to dress appropriately! Thanks in advance for chatting with your child and helping them to monitor their winter/spring gear!