Week 29 Happenings

We had a great week in Kindergarten kicking off our Arts Partnership unit on Shapes with our visiting artist, Heather Gentile Collins and our amazing field trip to Chinatown! Be sure to check out our photos from the field trip on the photos tab! Click here for the weekly newsletter.

Have a wonderful Spring Break with your family!


-Thank you for collecting boxes, containers, plastic utensils, screws, bottles, etc. Please wash them with soap and water and bring them in on Thursday to our Conference, or anytime that week!

-Every child must bring in a shoebox for our Arts Partnership Project! Please bring that in next week, as well! Your child’s name does not need to be on it.

-Please RSVP for the Sleep Under event. We sent an e-mail with a pdf that you can RSVP through.

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