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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

October 12, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Tuesday, October 16- Picture Day
  • Thursday, October 18 Whole Foods Fundraiser
  • Wednesday, October 31- Halloween Party (more info to come)

Words We Learned

  • Good Fit Books
  • 5 senses
  • faces (3D shapes)

Heart Words

  • he
  • she
  • help

Next Week

  • a
  • see


In small groups, we learned what a “good fit book” is and how important it is to read books that “fit” us, interest us, and will help us learn.  The students were able to pick out good fit books that are on their reading level.  We will test the students reading levels one more time before conferences in November and share with you at conferences where your child is at and how you can better support their reading level at home! These 5 books are good fits for us and we loved reading them during Read to Self while building stamina!  We also were able to pick a few books from our class library! The readers learned an important rule of thumb:  always read good fit books before the library books because those might be a little trickier!

Please continue to work with your child on their heart words each week! It is important that they can read and identify these words in a snap! This is helping to build a great foundation for your child and building their confidence!


We have continued our exploration with shapes this week but began discovering 3D shapes. Mathematicians learned about cubes, spheres, cones, and cylinders and learned that all 3D shapes are composed of 2D shapes. The students have also loved practicing their math skills through Math Daily 3. Once their classwork is finished they are free to go to a math center and fine tune some of their basic math skills! Next week we will finish up our shapes unit and move on to decomposing numbers!


This week we learned about our five senses! We read several non fiction books on the fives senses and even got to try out our five senses during some Friday afternoon science centers. The scientists were able to use all of their different senses and then rotated through the stations! At one center they created a hypothesis on smells and then checked to see if their sense of smell was as sharp as they thought! Scientists also shook plastic eggs and had to guess what was in the egg based on the sound they heard! We realized that our senses are a vital part to have and we are lucky to have each of these senses! We had so much fun learning about our five senses.

Whole Foods Fundraiser

Save the Date! On Thursday, October 18 Whole Foods will give 5% of total sales directly to the Hawthorne Playground Project! We desperately need a new playground and every little bit helps! Stock up on snacks, gift cards or even wine 🙂 Hope to see you there!