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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

October 5, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Monday, Oct. 8- No School
  • Friday, Oct. 12- Walkathon
  • Tuesday, Oct. 16- Picture Day

Words We Learned

  • check for understanding
  • curved
  • vertices

Heart Words

  • we
  • will

Next Week

  • he
  • she
  • help


We learned how to be a “super hero reader” this week. We point under the words as we read, we use pictures and letters to help us, and we look for heart words! The readers were able to try out these strategies during Read to Self. The kindergartners are really working hard at building their stamina! Each day they are getting stronger and stronger reading muscles! Readers learned our first Daily 5 reading strategy, “Check for Understanding.” Today you will receive a Parent Pipeline in backpacks that further explains the strategy. To use this strategy at home when you’re reading with your child, stop every few pages, put the book down, touch your brains, and say “let’s see if we can remember what we just read. Think about who the story was about and what happened.” When you read to your child, stop periodically and have them tell you “I heard you say…” You can also ask questions like “was your brain talking to you while you read? What do you do if you don’t remember what you just read?” All of these strategies help your child check to make sure he/she understands what is being read.

Writer’s Workshop

Writers began turning teaching pieces into teaching books this week. We learned how to plan 3 different pages on a related topic and how it can be beneficial to have a partner to help with walking through our writing plan. Our “peanut butter and jelly” writing partner listens to our plan and helps us when we get stuck.     Next week your child will bring home some of the writing they have worked on! Please read through it with your writer and celebrate all of their hard work!


We continued to learn about 2d shapes this week! We worked together to describe, create and name shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle, & hexagon). Mathematicians worked together to create different shapes using coffee stirrers. Who would have thought that coffee stirrers could be so useful in a kindergarten classroom? Next week we will begin to explore with 3D shapes. 


This week we continued to study trees and how they survive in their environment. Scientists examined bark up closely and completed a bark rubbing outside on the playground. We also learned about leaves! Students went on a leaf hunt and picked their favorite. Then we brought them all inside to compare them and see what we could learn when we examined the leaves with our magnifying glasses! Lucky for us, we have special research notebooks where we can record all of our findings like REAL scientists!

Social Emotional Learning

Each morning we have a 15-20 minute morning meeting. We sit in a circle and greet each other, read our morning message and then take part in a lesson within the realm of social emotional learning. We have a unit that lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks and the students take part in discussions, role playing, read alouds and hands on activities. The topics range from feelings and responsibility and all the way to growth mindset. We will wrap up our first unit of study, “emotions,” next week.  We have talked about so many different emotions, how they make us feel, positive and negative ways to show emotions and some strategies to turn our emotions into something positive. We will update you when we switch units through our homework packet.

Important Dates