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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

October 19, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Share Research Notebook at home and return on 10/22
  • Please label all winter gear!
  • Halloween Party- 10/31 at 11:30ish

Words We Learned

  • schema
  • cephalothorax
  • spinnerets

Heart Words

  • a
  • see

Next Week

  • go
  • in


We had so much fun at the Walk-a-thon last Friday! The kindergartners raised the most money in k-2 and will receive a “treats” party sponsored by the PTA. Way to go kindergarten parents!!! 


We were up close and personal with spiders this week!  We learned all about spiders through books, posters, and articles.  To introduce these lessons, we learned about our “schema” or everything we already know based on our past learning or experiences! Instead of doing a typical KWL chart, we record our Schema, our New Learning, our Questions, and have already started to address misconceptions.  Researchers learned about the spider’s 2 body parts- the cephalothorax and abdomen, it’s 8 legs, eyes, fangs, pedipalps, and spinnerets (part that releases the silk for the webs).  We also sorted the differences between insects and arachnids in our research journals.  One of our units of study in science this year is “characteristics of living things.” Researchers learned about the life cycle of a spider and how it keeps repeating itself! Every time we read about spiders, we “Checked For Understanding” and recorded our new learning.  When you see a spider, please encourage your child to look carefully at its body parts before releasing it outside.  Hopefully your child can show you parts and tell you interesting facts we learned!

Research Notebooks

The kindergartners have been working hard at recording their observations and learning in their research notebooks! We are sending home their research notebooks today so they can share with all of their families their work thus far! Please take the time this weekend to have your little scientist share their hard work with you. Please be sure to send it back to school on Monday so we can continue to add in new learning!

Daily 5

This week, along with building stamina, we added a new strategy to our CAFÉ board: “Know heart words.” This accuracy strategy helps us when we read.  It’s important that you work with your child each week on locking the heart words in their brain so when they read them in a book they know them in a “snap”! Please take the time to read the Parent Pipeline that came home this week; it gives you great suggestions on how to use this strategy at home with your reader.

Writer’s Workshop

This week, you should have received your child’s writing from the first “bend” in our writing curriculum.  We hope you were able to celebrate your child’s writing with him/her!  You should see detailed drawings, labels, and attempting to stretch out words.  We started our next “bend” in writing- Narratives!  We also learned how to use our “picture boards” that you sent in of your child and some special events in their life. The writers are using the pictures to help them think of ideas when they get a “writers block.”  When something memorable happens at home, or on the go, remind your child that he/she can write about it during Writer’s Workshop!  We look forward to hearing your child’s true stories in this next bend of writing!


We are getting really excited to celebrate Halloween on Wednesday, October 31st!  We will send home an info sheet regarding our Halloween festivities today! Thanks to our room parents for organizing parent volunteers to come in and help out during the party! They will be reaching out soon if you have not heard from them yet!