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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

September 21, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Gym shoes each day for PE class
  • Send in your childs' Forever Book on Monday
  • Pictures for Writer's Workshop- Info came home @ Curri. Night

Words We Learned

  • book lover
  • author
  • illustrator

Heart Words

  • I
  • can

Next Week

  • is
  • this


We learned our first heart words this week: I, can. We practiced writing, saying, and reading these important words. These are words that we will know by heart at the end of Kindergarten. You can find a list of our heart words in the Curriculum Night packet. 

We’re getting excited to start Daily 5 soon! We’re building a foundation of readers by reviewing the 3 ways to read a book and discussing why reading makes us feel so good and why we read.   Kindergartners are so excited about reading! Please help fuel this curiosity at home!

Readers learned how to be “book lovers” by holding books correctly, turning pages correctly, starting at the beginning of a book and reading in order. Once we all agreed good readers are “book lovers,” we learned the parts of a book and spent some time examining our own books for authors and illustrators. We also learned about the different types of books and why we read different types (fiction or teaching book). Your child needs to bring in their “Forever Book” on Monday! This is a book that is really special to them and they read over and over again! Please be sure to put their name on the inside as we will keep the book in class for the next few weeks!

To help reinforce color words and the 3 ways to read a book (because so many students have read these before!), we read a variety of Pete the Cat books! We loved reading and listening to Pete and his experiences with colors and feelings. Readers practiced working with the sounds /c/, /a/, and /t/ in a sort and completed a Pete The Cat art project. Click here to watch some of us jamming out to Pete the Cat!

We also started working with Mrs. Tajkowski this week. She works with each class two times a week in small groups. When she works with your child’s class, she pulls half of the students so she can do phonics work with 15/16 students and we can have 15/16 students in our rooms to lay the foundation for Daily 5. We will notify you of the letters she’s working on with the Kinders in our Homework packets.

Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop is off to a great start! The writers have been working hard on storytelling and adding details to their drawings. We spent two sessions looking closely at mentor texts and how the illustrator uses shapes to draw people. We guided the writers on drawing people using simple shapes and even learned how to draw people in action. The students feel  so much more confident after our drawing session! 

Same and Different

This week we continued to talk about “same” and “different”! We read a book titled “It’s Okay to Be Different.” We learned that each one of us is different in the way we look, feelings, background, our families etc. but we are all able to work together!  Check out the video of partnerships getting to know each other a little better and talking about how they are the same and different as their friend! Check out some of our mathematicians working together to sort shapes that are the same and different as well!