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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

December 14, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Friday- Dec. 21 Antarctica Party
  • Enjoy the holidays with your family!
  • No School- Dec. 24-Jan 4

Words We Learned

  • blubber
  • regurgitate
  • predator

Heart Words

  • it
  • off

Next Week

  • do
  • me
  • be

Amazing Readers

We had so much fun on Monday celebrating our huge accomplishment of building our stamina all the way to 20 minutes! The readers loved dressing up in their pajamas, sharing their favorite book, creating bookmarks  and reading by flashlight! The students were given special stamina certificates  to show them just how special they are! Please encourage and celebrate this amazing milestone at home! When we come back in the new year the students will learn about the 4th and 5th choice during Daily 5: Work on Writing and Read to Someone! The students got a sneak peak at Work on Writing when we learned how to write letters and lists in Writer’s Workshop. We will continue to fine tune those skills in the new year 


Penguins were our focus all this week! We learned all about the feathered friends by reading nonfiction books about penguins, studying penguins’ bodies, and learning how a chick is born. To better understand how penguins stay warm in the frigid Antarctica weather, we conducted a science experiment with blubber! We used a “blubber glove” (Crisco in Ziploc bag) to imitate the fat insulation surrounding a penguins’ body. When we placed our hands in a bucket of ice, the fat kept our hands warm! Scientists then recorded our findings in our research journals. After learning all about the penguins that live in Antarctica, we chose a penguin to create during an art project. We are so excited for our field trip to the Shedd today to see penguins in action! Next week, we’re excited to show everything we’ve learned in our very own nonfiction penguin writing books.

Counting Strategies

This week we focused on counting strategies in math! We noticed that many students needed reinforcement with this skill! We taught the students how to count and scoot, count and touch, count and check and use a ten frame to organize objects. The students also began looking closer at teen numbers. This was excellent reinforcement for students to accurately count and understanding why counting accurately in the real world is important! Next week we will take a break with our current math curriculum and have some wintertime fun with some penguin math centers! In the new year we will pick back up with our curriculum and look at numbers closely by “taking them apart” and “putting them together.” A great segue into addition!

Antarctica Party

We’re excited for our Antarctica Party on Friday, December 21! Please help your child celebrate by sending him/her in blues or white to our Antarctica Party! Our party is from 11:30-1:00  but setup begins at 10:45. Please come on by if you’d like to help us celebrate! You can e-mail the room parents and let them know you would like to volunteer!  Looking forward to a great last week before break!