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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

November 2, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Dress "fancy" on Monday for our Author's Celebration!
  • Label all of your child's winter wear!
  • Sign up for a conference time!

Words We Learned

  • globe
  • map
  • publish

Heart Words

  • like
  • the

Next Week

  • at
  • not

Halloween Fun

This week we had a ton of fun gearing up for Halloween and we took part in Halloween math and literacy centers! A big thank you to all the families who helped out on Wednesday at our Halloween Celebration!  We had so much fun playing at 6 different centers and parading around the school in our costumes! The kids had an absolute blast and we hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos from Halloween on our Seesaw accounts.

3rd Grade Buddies

On Tuesday we got to meet our 3rd grade buddies! The kids are matched up with a 3rd grade buddy who they will work with all year long! The partnerships got to work together to graph how many skittles they had in their cup! The 3rd graders did a great job of teaching the kids how to count, graph, and answer some tricky math questions! We can’t wait for our buddies to visit again!

Passport Around the World

We kicked off our Passport Unit on Thursday! This year we will be learning/traveling to all of the 7 continents. We will spend roughly 2 weeks on each continent throughout the year focusing on different aspects of each continent. Through this study of the world, we will be focusing on non-fiction text as well as cultures, landforms, weather, and animals. If your family has traveled or will be traveling to a different county, please think about sending us pictures/souvenirs what we can use as part of our learning.  Our plan is to study the following continents in this tentative order: North America (November), Antarctica (December), Europe (January), Australia (March), Asia (May), Europe (May), and South America (June). We studied a map of the world and talked about the difference between a globe and a map. We read the book “Me On The Map” and discussed all the different places we are in the world: our home, our city, our state, our country, our continent and our planet! We made a fun “Me On The Map” project that will be up in the hallway to view during Report Card Pickup! Next we will continue to learn about the world and start our journey through North America!

Author’s Celebration

The author’s worked hard this week picking out a piece of their writing to “fancy up.” They fancied up their writing by editing, creating a title and cover for the book and last but not least… adding color!! Woweeee they look amazing! These writers are so excited for our Author’s Celebration! Since it will be such a big day in our rooms (1st Author’s Celebration for the writers) we would love for the writers to wear their very best! That could mean their regular classroom attire or something “fancier”! Dresses, suits, fancy shirts… whatever makes them feel their best and extra special on their big day! We will celebrate their writing in class with cookies and an apple juice toast. We can’t wait!!

Upcoming Days Off

Friday, Nov. 2 End of Quarter 1

Monday, Nov. 12 Veteran’s Day
Wednesday, Nov. 14 No School but we do have Parent Teacher Conferences. Please be sure to arrive on time to help make the day run smoothly!

Wednesday Nov. 21-Friday, Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break