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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

April 26, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Book Orders due by 5:00 today!
  • Thurs. May 2 Showcase @ 6 pm
  • Mrs Bice's last day- May 10

Words We Learned

  • opinion
  • fact
  • tally chart

Heart Words

  • so
  • you
  • your

Next Week

  • him
  • how
  • had


This week the mathematicians took what they learned about graphs and were able to apply it to our Engineering unit. They surveyed their classmates on their favorite type of paper, graphed the results and then analyzed their results. Mathematicians did a great job of looking at the data and coming up with “facts” the could learn from their data. They can’t wait to share with you their hard work at Showcase!

Opinion Writing

This week in Writer’s Workshop we kicked off a new unit of writing: Opinion Writing. We dove into the world of facts vs. opinions. We now know that opinions are something we feel and are very personal to us. We also know that not everyone shares the same opinion as us and that’s okay. We posed questions to the writers and they had to pick a side and then they worked in groups to list reasons why their opinion was The writers worked on stating their opinion and giving 2 reasons to back up the opinion.

Last Call Book Orders

Please place all book orders by: Friday, April 26 at 5:00 pm. Scholastic is a great way to fill your library at home with books your beginning reader can read over the summer! Please visit the link and place all orders through Mrs. Bice’s class code: Code: HJNXX. 

Showcase, Thursday, May 2nd

We’re excited to share our learning with you on Thursday evening.

-Students should arrive at 5:45pm and show starts promptly at 6pm.

-Please remember to send your child in black for our Dress Rehearsal during the day. It can have some writing/other colors, as long as it is mostly black. Any top and bottom is fine. Shoes do not matter 🙂

-Please remember, we’re asking for adults only. Hawthorne siblings will see the dress rehearsal during the day.

Welcome Mrs. Pesch to Room 101

Mrs. Bice’s last day before maternity leave will be May 10. We have secured a great maternity leave sub to spend the last 6 weeks in room 101. Mrs. Nicole Pesch will join room 101 on May 13. Next week’s newsletter will have a blurb about Mrs. Pesch so you can get to know her better!