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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

March 15, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Sell! Sell! Sell Raffle Tickets
  • March 22- Gala at 6:30 pm
  • April 5- No School EOY Quarter 3

Words We Learned

  • engineer
  • absorb
  • sink

Heart Words

  • then
  • there
  • these

Next Week

  • get
  • put


The 21 days were well worth the wait! we are so excited that we had 6 chicks hatch in 101 and 6 hatch in 102. We are so excited to have all 12 chicks a part of our kindergarten classrooms! The kindergartners loved naming them, learning how to care for them, and opening up their pretend eggs! The other eggs that did not hatch either weren’t fertilized, did not receive all the nutrients it needed inside the egg or just weren’t strong enough to make it out of the shell (survival of the fittest).We will observe the chicks over the next week and then bring them back to the bird store where we got the eggs from!

We Are Engineers!

This week we started our new science unit, We Are Engineers! We learned about what engineers do and who they are. They ask questions about materials, make observations, test things to find out about them, compare results of tests and look at how materials are the same and different, share ideas with others and improve their designs. We will all be engineers by learning about different materials (specifically wood and paper) and will then put materials in motion by learning about push, pull, gravity, and force! It’s going to be an exciting unit. This week, we started to learn about wood and conducted investigations answering the questions, “Where does wood come from? What is made of wood? What happens when wood gets wet?” You will learn more and see these investigations at our Curriculum Showcase in May! Remember to save the date of May 3rd!

Read to Someone

The readers learned the last few lessons on how we read to someone! They learned how to become reading coaches. When our partner comes to a word they don’t know we count to 3 and then ask them if they need “coaching or time”. If our partner says coaching, then it’s our job to choose a reading strategy to help them decode the word. Every reader has a “Coaching Bookmark” that lists the steps and some common accuracy strategies. Readers now know how important their job is as a reading coach and how to coach in a kind/helpful way! Our last lesson taught the students how to choose a partner! Students are able to independently choose a partner and get started right away! We finished the week off with all 5 Daily 5 choices up in running! These readers have come so far!

Skippy the Frog

The readers learned a new reading strategy this week with a special friend Skippy the Frog. Skippy tells us that if we come to a word we don’t know, we can skip it and read to the end of the sentence and try to figure out the missing word! A Parent Pipeline is coming home today to explain to you how to help your reader at home.

How To Books

This week we kicked off our new unit of writing: How To Books. The writers generated ideas on some things they are experts on and could teach others. Topics range from: How to- take care of a chick, brush teeth, get dressed, do a cartwheel etc. The writers have now begun writing their books and trying to write step by step directions on how to do something. This unit really helps writers to feel confident and like an expert at writing! We can’t wait to see where the writing takes them!

Gala- March 22 @ 6:30 pm

We are really looking forward to chatting with all of you at the auction next Friday! Thank you so much to all of you for selling raffle tickets! The kids love hearing who wins the daily prices each morning! We really hope you will sign up for the Kindergarten After School Playdate hosted by Mrs. Bice and Ms. Oquendo! You can sign up at the auction! It’s a hot item and sells out every year!

Each kindergarten class also created a beautiful world map masterpiece. We were so lucky to have veteran HSA parents, Mia McGloin and Tanya Milojkovic, helping each class to create beautiful world maps! The students each colored their own world map and then Tanya cut their maps into strips and put them on a canvas. The students then put tissue paper on the canvas map to create more texture and color for the oceans! Check out the sneak peak photos! We will send more next week on Seesaw once the final piece is complete. Both classes maps will be available to bid on during the silent auction at the beginning of the evening!