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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

October 26, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Oct. 31- Halloween Party- please send costume in bag
  • Nov. 2- No School, End of Quarter
  • Nov. 14- No School, Parent Teacher Conferences

Words We Learned

  • sequencing
  • Eagle Eyes
  • character

Heart Words

  • go
  • in

Next Week

  • like
  • the


This week, we worked on CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.K.2 “ With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.” We learned that we use sequencing every day: counting in math, ABC order, sizes of objects, the beginning, middle, and end of a story and in our writing. We sequenced pictures and several Halloween stories. We read Big Pumpkin and talked about the main character and supporting characters as well as sequenced the characters we met along the way. These are great talking points when you are reading with your child before bed! We finished the week off by reading Pumpkin, Pumpkin and sequencing the life cycle of a pumpkin.  We are all so excited for the Halloween Party next week! 

The readers have been working really hard at building stamina and we are so excited that we were all able to read to self for at least 12 minutes now! The students have worked hard in their small groups and are ready to build stamina as an entire class! We hope we have laid a great foundation for the readers to be able to focus and read when all 30 kids are in the room! 

We also practiced a new reading strategy. “Look at the pictures for clues.” We remember this strategy by our animal friend Eagle Eyes. When we get to a word we don’t know, Eagle Eyes reminds us to look at the pictures for clues! With the books we’re reading, usually the pictures give us a pretty good idea of what the text says.

Self Management

The past two weeks the students have learned some great ways to self regulate their different emotions. The students discussed the reactions we experience with different emotions. We talked about things we can do to calm down, places we can go to calm down and ways I can calm my body down. It was eye opening for the kids to realize that we can all feel the emotion anger or sadness but all of us have different ways to cope. Some of us like to be alone while others really like being around others to make them feel better. These were some great lessons to understand that all of us have different wants and needs. Big life lessons happening in kindergarten!! Next week we will continue to explore ways to manage ourselves and talk about mindfulness and self control!


This week we started looking at numbers 6,7 & 8. Students compared numbers, ways to make numbers (ex. 2 & 5 make 7, 1 & 6 make 7 etc.)  At this point in the year, backwards numbers are common but please try to have your child correct it whenever possible! We try to catch them in the class room but every now and then one sneaks by us! Next week we will gain more number sense through some spooky Halloween math centers! 

Writer’s Workshop

The writers have been blowing us away with how far they have come in just 8 weeks! Writer’s spent a whole period stretching out words on white boards and fine tuning their sounds as they stretch words out! We also talked more in depth about true stories. Writer’s learned the importance of being sure their story included who, where and what happened in their true story. We even started talking about revising our writing. When your child is writing or completing homework at home, please work with them to “revise” their work before moving on.

Parent Teacher Conferences

On Wednesday, November 14 we will have Parent Teacher Conferences. It will be a day of non attendance for students but you will each sign up for a 10 minute time slot to come in and discuss your childs’ areas where they glow and where they grow. Next week we will e-mail out an electronic sign up and you will sign up for a slot.