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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

February 1, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • European Celebration- Friday, Feb. 8 @ 2:00
  • No School- Friday, Feb.18
  • 100th Day- Wednesday, Feb. 20

Words We Learned

  • London Eye
  • antonym
  • synonym

Heart Words

  • up
  • down

Next Week

  • out
  • of

Cold End to Quarter 2

We hope you stayed extra warm inside during the past couple days. Our plans shifted a bit due to the weather but we were still able to get some great learning in during those two days! We will be sending your child’s writing home on Monday from our last Show and Tell unit of writing with a rubric. Read below for some information and date changes due to our “cold days off.”

Can you believe the year is 1/2 over!?  You will receive your child’s report card, some areas for your child to work on at home and in the classroom, current TRC reading level, Scholastic book order forms, and MAP data on February 11.  Please keep an eye out for a manila envelope on February 11.  We look forward to seeing you again for parent-teacher conferences at the end of Q3!  If we feel we need to meet with your family regarding your child’s progress, we will reach out to you or feel free to reach out to us!


This week, we learned about synonyms and antonyms and tuning into those interesting words! We learned the difference by singing along to a song called Synonym Stomp! We weren’t able to dive in deep to our mini unit on synonyms and antonyms but will finish up some of our learning next week during our morning meetings.  Anytime you see an opportunity to talk about synonyms and antonyms with your child, please do so!

European Celebration

Thank you to all the families who are able to help us celebrate Europe next Friday! If you are volunteering, please plan to arrive around 2:00 pm and head to the north basement to help with setup. We will be done celebrating around 3:15 and will need some help with clean up as well! If you are sending/bringing in food, please remember that it needs to be nut free, store bought, and enough for all 61 kindergarteners to have a small piece. If you are sending something in, please help us out by cutting the item into individual pieces! We still need more food for the European stations. Please contact your homeroom teacher asap if you can donate!

Valentine’s Day

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day in the classroom on Thursday, February 14. We will NOT have a party with parent volunteers since February is jam packed with our European Celebration and the 100th Day. We will set aside time for the students to pass out Valentines. We ask that the kindergartners write the “from” but do not write the “to” portion as it would take a long time for the kids to pass them out. You can feel free to send in any Valentines that are peanut free and store bought as well. Room 101 has 31 students and room 102 has 30 students.

100th Day Celebration

So many celebrations!! We will be 100 days smarter on Wednesday, February 20 (date pushed back due to “cold days”). We will send a letter home on Monday with all the details of our celebration. We will be celebrating by dressing up as 100 year olds. We will also send home a ziplock bag and are asking every child to bring in a collection of 100 things that fit in their bag! This is a great opportunity for your child to count up to 100 and help sort the 100 objects into 10 groups of 10.  Practice counting by 5s and by 10s, too!  Projects will be displayed in the hallway for the school to view, and are due on Friday, February 15. All of this info will be sent home in a packet with a ziplock bag on Monday!