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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

March 1, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Author's Celebration- Wed. Mar. 6
  • March 8- Mrs. Lisy's Last Day Before Leave
  • March 22- Auction

Words We Learned

  • Australia
  • life cycle
  • capacity

Heart Words

  • have
  • where

Next Week

  • what
  • when


Today is Day 9 of the incubation period! We learned a lot about the life cycle of a chicken and compared their life cycle to other animals! At this point in the chick’s development, it now lies on its back in the eggs, and the wings, legs and beak are fully grown! The stomach and brain continue to grow. We look forward to Day 21 (March 13) when our eggs hatch! The scientists have loved getting a chance to turn the eggs. Next week check out our life cycle art pieces in the hallway!

G’Day Mate

This week we traveled to the Land Down Under! We learned about Australia, the animals that live there, special features like the Uluru Rock (the largest rock in the world!), territories, and about the climate. We read nonfiction books about Australia and next week and will research an animal from the Great Barrier Reef! Looking forward to seeing what our marine biologists can teach us!

Chunky Monkey

When we come across a word we don’t know, one way to help us decode that word is by finding the chunks! These are smaller words (-and, -or, -on, -at, etc) or letter blends that we know already and can use to help stretch out the word. When we recognize smaller words in bigger words, we’re able to decode the word and start to use it in our writing! Encourage your child to find smaller words inside a bigger word when they attack a new word. Readers have a new word work choice titled “Funky or Chunky” where they can practice building words with chunks.

Author’s Celebration

The writers have been busy writing personal narratives. During this unit they have been fine tuning their writing. They have been adding interesting beginnings and endings, looking closely at their handwriting so that others can read their work! The author’s created invitations for their families that they brought home yesterday! They would like to invite you to celebrate their writing on Wednesday, March 6 at 3:00. Hoping that the author’s can all dress in their best for the big day!


Mathematicians dove into the world of measurement this week. We used scales to compare items and see which items were heavier or lighter. The mathematicians also learned about capacity and had tons of fun filling containers with rice and/or water and comparing capacities. Next week we will take a closer look at area! This has been such a fun unit for students to learn more about comparing and describing objects.

Welcome Ms. Oquendo to room 102

Mrs. Lisy’s last day will be Friday, March 8 before she goes on maternity leave. We are so lucky to welcome Ms. Leigh Oquendo as the maternity leave sub in 102. Ms. Oqeundo attended grade school here and has served as a substitute teacher on many occasions. She will begin on Monday, March 11 but you may see her around before that! Be sure to welcome her to the Hawthorne Kindergarten team!