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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

March 29, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Fri. April 5- No School End of Q3
  • Wed. April 10- No School P/T Conferences
  • Thurs. May 2- Showcase @ 6:00 pm

Words We Learned

  • slope
  • motion
  • inclined plane

Heart Words

  • were
  • his
  • her

Next Week

  • or
  • boy
  • girl

We Are Engineers

This week, we explored different forces: pushes, pulls and gravity! Engineers were able to test gravity with different objects! We also investigated ramps and slopes and explored how to get balls to move. Engineers created their own ramps and were able to test different slopes: steep or gentle.  We then explored what happens when objects collide! We love science and all of our investigations! We don’t want to tell you too much since you will see most experiments in action at our Showcase 🙂

Arts Partnership

We began our learning of motion with Ms. Kathy, our Arts Partnership Teaching Artist, through art. As teachers, we feel lucky that we are able to bring an outside artist into our classroom to collaborate with us and design incredible units where students see the relationship that science and art have! She will be working with us over the next 4 weeks to look at motion through the lens of art! This week we learned about drawing machines and pendulums. The students also participated in art centers where they could explore motion and pendulums with their peers. We’re excited to share our learning with you at our Engineering Showcase on May 2!

Magic “e” or Lazy “e”

Either way you spin it… an “e” at the end of a word is magical and confusing all in the same breath! We studied the power of the Magic “e” this week. We learned how the magic e helps out short vowel sounds on some words and gives all of its power to the vowel, making it say its name. The vowel sound then changes to a long vowel sound and we hear its name. The magic e gives away all of its power, so it’s silent and we don’t say the /e/ sound. We also learned that having an “s” on the end doesn’t change the power of the magic e! For example, “can” becomes “cane and canes,” “pin” becomes “pine and pines” and “hat” becomes “hate and hates.” Be on the lookout for the Magic “e” when you are reading at home!

Two Vowels Go Walking

The readers also learned about what happens “when two vowels go walking… the first one does the talking.” We worked on reading words that have “ea” in them and how we have to attack them in a different way! As readers we have lots of different rules and strategies to remember and this is just one more to put in our tool belt. For students who aren’t “ready” to learn about the world of long vowels, we focused on reading words with a short “e” in them!

Math Workshop

Mathematicians worked hard on their number sense with teen numbers. Whether it was counting on, creating number sentences, or using number bonds students were busy composing and decomposing numbers.

We have also been busy creating new Daily 3 choices for our differentiated groups within our class to take part in. Some students are working on adding/subtracting single digits where others are adding 3 numbers, working on place value with 3 digit numbers etc. We really try to meet the needs of all of our mathematicians!

HSA Spirit Week

Next week the Student Council has created Spirit Week at Hawthorne! Feel free to have your child participate. The dress up days are as follows:

School Spirit Monday

PJ Tuesday

Wacky Wednesday

Throwback Thursday