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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

December 7, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Wed. Dec. 12- K classes visit Book Fair. Send all $$ in ziploc bag
  • Thurs. Dec. 13 @ 5:00 PTA Holiday Party
  • Fri. Dec. 14 Shedd Field Trip- Sack Lunch

Words We Learned

  • iceberg
  • measurement tool
  • Antarctica

Heart Words

  • for
  • yes
  • no

Next Week

  • off
  • it

Pajama Party!!

We did it! Kindergarten worked on building our reading stamina during Daily 5 and we reached our goal!  We can Read To Self for 20 minutes!  It’s time to celebrate our reading progress. We will be celebrating our love of books on Monday, December 10. Please send your child with his/her favorite book with your child’s name labeled in the book and they can wear their favorite pajamas to school! Please no stuffed animals or slippers!  We will do activities with this book throughout the day, receive special awards, and have a special guest reader!


We left North America and landed on the coasts of Antarctica! So far, we’ve explored glaciers, icebergs, and met the few animals who live there! We were surprised to learn that people do not live on Antarctica- scientists and people visit, but do not typically live there long term. We read lots of books, watched a video, and showed our new learning by using the iPads! Students listened carefully on how to care for the class set of iPads that are available for K-2 to use! We learned how to use our own class website and find the images under the “Current Learning” page. We also learned how to access Doodle Buddy, a great app that allows students to draw and record new learning. Since Antarctica doesn’t have a flag, students created a flag with a partner and designed the flag with symbols that represent different things we learned about the continent. Ask your little traveler to share some of the incredible facts we’ve learned about the southern most continent! Next week we will focus on the penguins of Antarctica!

Fun With Measuring

This week math partners had some fun with measurement! Mathematicians used several different items to measure around the room! They used paperclips, yarn, and cubes as measuring tools within the classroom. Partnerships also worked to communicate using the vocabulary longer, shorter, or taller. The students loved traveling around the room and measuring any and all things!  Today we will take a unit 2 assessment and will begin a new unit of study next week! Unit 3 will focus on counting strategies, numbers up to 15, practice making 10, part-part-whole, and story problems with addition! The next unit will be action packed but the mathematicians are more than ready!

We will also take the middle of the year MAP Math test on Thursday afternoon. Students will use their headphones and take the computerized math test that they took in the beginning of the year. The school will send out the results in the new year. 

Shedd Aquarium

Please send your child in a Hawthorne shirt or a blue shirt (if possible), comfortable walking shoes, and a sack lunch! It works best if every item in their lunch can be thrown away so we have less to carry around the aquarium! It is important that all kindergartners are at school on time as our buses will be leaving by 9:15. 

December Happenings

Wednesday, December 12- Both Kindergarten classes will visit the Scholastic Book Fair during library class. Your child may bring in money to purchase books. Please send it in your child’s folder on Wednesday morning in a ziploc bag with their name. We are looking for parent volunteers to assist the kindergartners and Mrs.Garner during their “book shopping”. Please e-mail Mrs. Bice or Mrs. Lisy if you are able to help out between 2:00-2:45 while the kids book shop!    

Thursday, December 13- Holiday Fair 5:00-8:00pm Come join in the fun at the Holiday Fair in the North Basement! There will be tons of fun holiday activities, bid on the Kindergarten Basket, Christmas Karaoke, buy some dinner from the food booth (proceeds go to the Kindergarten Aide Fund) and enjoy free cocoa and cookies sponsored by the PTA.