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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

March 8, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Wednesday, March 13 EGGS HATCH
  • Friday, Mar. 22 @ 6:30-11:00
  • Friday, April 5 NO SCHOOL end of Q3

Words We Learned

  • number bonds
  • Read to Someone
  • relationships

Heart Words

  • what
  • when

Next Week

  • there
  • then
  • these

Showcase: “We Are Engineers!”

Next week we will begin a science unit titled, “Materials and Motion!” This is a relatively new unit to Kindergarten and we are excited to get started. We decided this would be a fun unit to showcase our learning process with you. So, Save the Date: Thursday, May 2 at 6pm! “We Are Engineers” will be our Curriculum Showcase! Throughout the unit we will learn how engineers ask questions, study materials, and test designs! We will work with a teaching artist through our amazing Arts Partnership Program to create and engineer art. We start building the engineering foundation next week when we begin to learn about Wood!

Read to Someone

This week we learned the behaviors of the last Daily 5 task in our Literacy Block: Read to Someone! Reading with someone helps readers, especially developing readers, become more self-sufficient and independent. We find taking turns reading also increases reading involvement, attention, collaboration, and motivation. Reading to Someone has quickly become a favorite! Who doesn’t love reading with a friend and discussing the book (checking for understanding)? We take these lessons slow as we introduce the various components to this complex task. We learned how to sit EEKK (elbow, elbow, knee, knee), voice level, being kind and patient with a friend who is reading and how to check for understanding. We have learned two ways to read to someone: Seesaw and I read, You Read. Over the next week, we will have a few more lessons on how to be a reading coach to a friend, and how to choose a partner.

Marine Biologists

We continued our learning on Australia but really focused on the Great Barrier Reef. Students were given the opportunity to use iPads and read articles to research animals that live in the reef. Then they chose one animal to become an expert on and wrote a research report on the animal! This afternoon, we will create marine biologists that will hold our research reports in the hallway! Be sure to check them out next week!

Math Workshop

This week we continued unit 5 and the mathematicians explored with “area” and “number bonds.” They had a ton of fun learning about area and designing their own room with their math partner. Then we moved into number bonds to help students better understand how we compose and decompose numbers. This is just one more step in helping students to gain a better sense of numbers and how they can be decomposed in so many different ways.

The Gala 2019

The Raffle has officially kicked off! We hope you are all sell, sell, selling lots of raffle tickets. Please send an e-mail or note if your family needs more “paper” raffle tickets! All of the teachers are so excited to see you all at The Gala on Friday, March 22! There will be tons to bid on but be sure to check out our Kindergarten Teacher Event. An Afternoon Playdate with Mrs. Bice will take place on Wednesday, April 3 from 3:45-4:45! The first 20 kindergartners to bid $40 will get to enjoy an afternoon of ice cream, crafts and fun with Mrs. Bice. We wish Mrs. Lisy could join us but she will be busy cuddling her sweet little baby come April! Sign up right when you get to The Gala, spots go quick!