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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

September 28, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • Sept. 29, 1-4pm Loose Parts Playdate
  • October 8-No School
  • October 12- Walkathon

Words We Learned

  • living and non living
  • stamina
  • independent

Heart Words

  • is
  • this

Next Week

  • we
  • will


This week we continued working on our number sense on numbers 1-5. Students explored with numbers through learning centers. Mathematicians also started Daily 3 this week! It’s a framework we’re using to help structure our math time so students develop deep conceptual understanding and mathematical proficiency. After participating in the mini-lesson and completing our classwork, students select between 3 choices “Math By Myself, Math Writing, and Math With Someone.” These engaging choices help to develop the love of math and give opportunities for continued skill and concept practice. We introduced “Math By Myself” and “Math Writing” this week and look forward to working with a friend during “Math with Someone!”


The kids loved sharing their Forever book this week! Click here to watch some 102 friends sharing theirs. It was an exciting week in our small reading groups!  We’re laying the foundation for Daily 5 and began practicing the behaviors for “Read to Self.”  We will slowly introduce the other 4 behaviors.  For now, we will focus on “Read to Self.” Click here to watch some readers in action!  In order to set an urgency to be the best readers we can be, we learned from a character and his story, Dex Heart of a Hero, how to keep at something until we succeed!  Kindergarten readers learned what stamina is and why it’s so important to build stamina to be better readers.  We will read books that are just right for us based on our reading levels in order to build stamina.  Please continue to ask your child about Read to Self!  Maybe it’s something you can encourage at home!  We focused on “reading the whole time, staying in one spot, getting started right away, reading quietly, and building stamina.”  We are excited to be readers!

We also reviewed the letters, Aa and Dd which students worked on with Mrs. Tajkowski this week in small groups.  Please continue to work on the letters of the week as well as the heart words with your child.  They should recognize and read “I, can, this, is,” by now.  Thank you for your support.  Please preview next week’s words with your child this weekend: we, will.  It boosts their confidence when they have seen these words when we introduce them on Mondays!



Writer’s Workshop is up and running! We’re working on adding to our pictures, adding to our words, and knowing when it’s time to start a new piece. We’re writing about things we know a lot about and can teach other people. We learned that we’re the boss of our writing and we can take charge! Writers don’t want to waste a single moment of writing! Writers learned how to make a decision to place their writing on the “green” side of their writing folder or the “red” side of their writing folder depending on whether they are finished with the piece for now. Click here to watch some writers sorting through their work! Please continue to support your writers at home as they try to stretch out their words!


Kindergarten scientists started our study of living things with learning about trees!  We studied the difference between living and nonliving, the parts of a tree, what a tree needs to grow and recorded observations in our Science Research Journals!  Click here to watch us observing trees outside! We started an experiment on Friday that we hope will help us answer “what happens inside a tree?”  The following two weeks we’ll focus on bark, leaves, and seasons!

Colder Weather

As the fall temperature begins to drop, please remember to label every piece of clothing your child brings to school.  We cannot keep track of every sweater, every sweatshirt your child wears, so it is so important that your child’s name is on the tag.  If your child forgets an item at school, we’ll do our best to hold it in the classroom for him/her for the following day.  If an item is forgotten/lost somewhere else in the building, the lost & found is located 2 lockers south of the AP office. Thank you for helping your child remember all of his/her gear.

New Staff

We are excited to introduce Keri Rochelle to the front office staff at Hawthorne. If your child is absent or their is a change in their pick up schedule during the day, please be sure to e-mail Ms. Rochelle and either Mrs. Bice or Mrs. Lisy. Her e-mail is: Thanks in advance!