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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

November 16, 2018

Curious Kinders


  • No homework packet next week!
  • Nov. 21-23 Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov. 27- Scholastic Book Orders Due

Words We Learned

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Bald Eagle
  • Listen to Reading

Heart Words

  • here
  • my

Next Week

  • on

American Symbols

We read several nonfiction books about important American Symbols: the American flag, Statue of Liberty and Bald Eagle! When we learned about the American Flag we practiced the Pledge Allegiance and we hope you will continue to practice with your child at home. We have been working with the students on making sure their right hand is over their heart and helping them to distinguish their right from their left. The left hand forms a “L” with the index finger and thumb!  The researchers made their own American flags that are hanging up in our rooms!

We also made bald eagles to help us remember that they represent strength and freedom.  We learned about the history of the Statue of Liberty, what it’s made of, why it’s important, and where it stands.  To understand the science behind the green color, we conducted a science lab with pennies to see what happens when copper is exposed to a natural weathering process- called oxidation.  Sculptors then created their very own Statue of Liberty headbands (and some even made a torch and tablet!)

Listen to Reading

We added the second component to Daily 5 this week: Listen To Reading.  During Daily 5 Rounds whole group, students choose between Read to Self and Listen To Reading.  During Listen to Reading, students listen to a book on CD and follow along in the book.  It provides pronunciation and expression models that can only come from hearing fluent and expressive examples.   Every time we do another round of Daily 5 and build our stamina, another group gets to try it out!   So far, the students love it!

Snow Boots

Winter is here! Feel free to send your child in boots on snowy days. The students have P.E. every day and they are required to wear gym shoes. If your child wears boots, please be sure to send in a pair of gym shoes for them to wear throughout the school day. The kindergartners do go outside for recess 2 times a day so it is extremely important that they can take off and put on their boots and gym shoes. During snowy weeks, your child can keep their gym shoes in their locker every day instead of bringing the shoes back and forth every day! Whatever works best for your family! Please remember to label every boot, every glove, every hat and every coat 🙂

Splash Math

In your conference folder, you should have received a piece of paper with your child’s Splash Math login. This is a great app that we use during math for kids to practice their math skills. They also have access to it at home. Please use it as a learning tool at home for them to reinforce their math skills!

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thank you so much for taking time to come and meet with us to discuss your child’s progress. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you data and areas where your child glows and a few places to grow. We hope that you found the meeting useful and look forward to continuing our partnership over the next several months.

Thanksgiving Week

Next week, we’ll learn about the story of Thanksgiving and talk about what we’re thankful for as a class and as individuals.  Take the time next week to talk to your Kindergartner about what it means to be grateful!  We want to tell you how grateful we are for your support this year!  Your child has made so much progress and we thank you for being such an important part of your child’s academic, physical, and emotional growth.

Remember, there is no school Wednesday-Friday next week.  Please enjoy your long holiday weekend with your families!