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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

January 11, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • No School- January 21 MLK Jr. Day
  • Gym shoes for gym
  • Read every night

Words We Learned

  • Stretchy the Snake
  • Sahara Desert
  • village

Heart Words

  • by
  • was

Next Week

  • as
  • has
  • with

Passport to Africa

We’re now visiting the second largest continent, Africa!  After Kindergartners created a schema chart, we started to explore the climate.  We learned how Africa was similar and different to North America. We learned that some people live in cities while others live in villages. Then, we made our very own travel journals.   We’re going to visit a lot of places in Africa, so we needed a special place to keep all of our travel notes!  This afternoon we will “travel” to the Nile River to learn more about the longest river in the world!  Stay tuned for the rest of our travels!

Stretchy the Snake

Readers learned a new reading strategy: Stretch the Sounds. Stretchy the Snake is the character associated with this strategy and Stretchy reminds us to slowly stretch out each sound as we decode a word. Students gained a lot of confidence by practicing this strategy with CVC (consonant- vowel-consonant) words. Students will now be able to practice Stretchy the Snake during the day if they choose Word Work during Daily 5. They use a pack of CVC words and practice slowly stretching out the sounds. During Word Work they have the choice between Stretchy the Snake, Roll and Write Heart Words, or practicing their heart words on a white board.

Growth Mindset

This week we kicked off our growth mindset unit of study in morning meetings. We all have a combination of fixed and growth mindsets that change based on the experiences we have and the feedback we receive. Our job as adults guiding these kindergartners is to help them realize that with hard work and perseverance they really are capable of anything! We read a book titled “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain” and learned that our brains are incredibly powerful and are capable of changing and growing with hard work. We will continue our unit on growth mindset over the next several weeks because it is so vital for these little learners to have direct instruction and conversations on growth mindset.

Writers Workshop

We continued our unit titled “Show and Tell” from December. The students are writing about topics they find important in their lives that they believe others will want to read and learn more about! We focused on writing sentences and not sure words! Writers are really fine tuning their writing being sure to include a line leader (uppercase letter at beginning of sentence), spaces between words, and a period at the end of sentences.


Not only have the mathematicians been working on counting strategies, writing and composing numbers up to 15 but now we are working on ways to make 10 and part part whole (PPW). PPW relationships involve seeing numbers as being made of two or more parts. Many researchers have said this is the major conceptual achievement of the early years. A strong understanding of PPW has been shown to increase understanding of subsequent work with place value, number concepts, and word problems. After students learn to count, they need to work on part part whole relationships before beginning addition and subtraction. Once we spend some time understanding PPW we will transition into word problems!