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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

April 12, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Spring Break- April 15-19
  • Scholastic Book Orders due Friday, April 26
  • Showcase May 2- 6:00 pm

Words We Learned

  • pie chart
  • pictograph
  • recycled paper

Heart Words

  • us
  • all

Next Week

  • so
  • you
  • your

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you so much for coming to quarter 3 Parent Teacher Conferences. We really enjoyed sharing with you all of your child’s glows and grows. It is truly amazing the growth they have made since September. Thank you again for all of your support. It truly takes a village!

Paper, Paper and More Paper!

This week, engineers focused on another material: paper! We had no idea how much we could learn about paper. We observed 10 different types of paper, investigated which paper was best to write on, observed what happened when we got the paper wet, and learned the Japanese art-form of folding paper: Origami! Origami tied in perfect to our focus on growth mindset this year because origami took a lot of perseverance and hard work for these little engineers! We also learned how to make recycled paper. The scientists learned how to turn old paper into new paper! We can’t wait to show you all of our experiments and learning at Showcase!

Showcase News: May 2!

We’re so excited to share everything we’ve learned about engineers, the things engineers do, how we observe materials, ask questions about them and test our ideas! We have been busy working with our Arts Partnership Teaching Artist, Ms. Kathy two to three times a week on various learning. You will see our learning process along with products. This week we created blue prints of a balloon powered car and then were to put our plans in action and create the cars! We can’t wait to show you at Showcase! We have collaborated with art and music to create a truly integrated unit of study! We attached a Showcase invite to this email! Please plan on adults only. The night is about your Star Engineer and we’re very limited in space. Thanks for your understanding!

Author’s Celebration

We had a ton of fun this week revising and fancying up our writing! Author’s looked real fancy yesterday to celebrate at our Author’s Celebration! Writers were able to share their writing in collaborative groups mixed with 101 and 102! Then we finished our celebration with toasts, juice and Oreos. Your author should have brought home their writing yesterday! We hope you enjoyed reading through their How To books. They have grown so much! We will begin our last unit of writing next week: Opinion Writing. We will also switch writing teachers. If your child had their homeroom teacher for this last unit, they will have Mrs. Espinoza. If they had Mrs. Espinoza, then they will switch to their homeroom teacher!


Mathematicians learned all about graphing this week! We learned about bar graphs, pictographs and pie charts! Students learned how to graph and analyze results using different types of graphs. Depending on your child’s math ability, we differentiated our lessons to support the different levels of mathematicians. Some students completed questions that simply asked “Which had more?”, “Which had the least?” and “How many in all?” To challenge some of our more advanced mathematicians, they were not only answering those questions but also comparing categories. For example: How many more turtles are there than frogs? We found this weeks mini unit on graphing to really meet the needs of all learners! When we come back from Spring Break we will continue to study graphs by learning how to survey our peers and record the results!

Book orders

We will be placing our last Book Order for the year on April 26th. Be sure to stock up and order lots of books for summer reading. On the Scholastic website you are able to search by reading levels (which we shared with you yesterday)! We usually recommend All orders will be placed through Mrs. Bice’s account. Please click the following link to place your order: