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Mrs. Bice & Mrs. Lisy

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

February 7, 2019

Curious Kinders


  • Valentine's Day 2.14.19
  • 100th Day Projects Due 2.15.19
  • No School- President's day 2.18.19

Words We Learned

  • flip the sounds
  • number line
  • addition

Heart Words

  • out
  • of

Next Week

  • come
  • some

Cafe Strategy: Flip the Sounds

 This week, we learned how to flip the sounds!  We use our knowledge of letter sounds to decode words by trying out or “flipping,” the different sounds a letter can make until the word sounds right and makes sense! If a students is struggling with this strategy, we use a kinesthetic motion of flipping our hands over to be a quiet reminder to a reader to try flipping a sound in the word he/she are trying to decode.

We practiced flipping the sounds by reading big books as a class.  We will attempt to use this strategy when we “read to self” and come across a word that doesn’t sound right!  The song we sing to remember the strategy is to the tune “If You’re Happy and You Know It:”

   If the word doesn’t sound right, flip the sound!

   If the word doesn’t sound right, flip the sound!

  If you’ve tried it once or twice and it doesn’t sound so nice…

   If the word doesn’t sound right, flip the sound!

European Celebration

We are really excited for the European Celebration! We dove deeper into Italy, France and England this week and “visited” some of the famous landmarks.  This week our little travelers also wrote postcards as if they were visiting a country in Europe and created oil pastel drawings of some of the famous European landmarks we learned about! Thank you in advance for sending souvenirs, items, food, and/or for coming in to help cover a station today for our European Celebration.! We’ll be downstairs in the North Basement with the kiddos at 2:00 on Monday! Set up begins at 1pm. Please e-mail us ASAP if you are not able to volunteer or send in the food you were originally going to send in!


Mathematicians learned several different strategies to add! We now know that we can use our fingers, draw pictures, use manipulatives, and use a number line. Math partners played several games throughout the week to practice these skills and work on fluency. Please begin to work with your mathematician at home on their addition fact fluency. There is a tab in Splash Math where they can work on math facts! By the end of kindergarten, students need to be able to add and subtract within 5 fluently. Every day students are practicing these skills in Math Daily 3 but the extra practice at home is much needed!

Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 14: If you would like your child to hand out Valentine’s, please send them on Wednesday.  We will hand them out at the end of the day.

Friday, February 15: 100th Day Projects Due! Ziploc bags were sent home with your childs’ name on it. They are to fill their bag with 100 items of their choice!

Monday, February 18: No School

Wednesday, February 20: 100th Day Celebration (Feel free to dress up like a 100 year old & parade is at 9:00ish with the party to follow)